Shakespeare Research Project

For this project your group will need to research your assigned topic, write a paper to report your findings, and present your findings to the class in a creative manner.    Each group will be evaluated as a whole  in conjunction with individual participation points.  The entire project will be worth  30 test points with 10 points coming from each of the following categories:  participation,  written paper, and presentation.   We will spend three days in the library  doing research and writing the paper.  Groups will have 1 class period to peer edit  their papers and prepare their presentations.  All group members MUST  participate in all group activities including:  research,  editing the written paper,  and  preparing/participating in the presentation.  Students who miss three or more days during the Shakespeare research project will be required to complete a separate writing assignment to earn full credit.  You are NOT allowed to simply give a speech for your oral  presentation.  Instead,  you are encouraged to be creative and come with an original format for  delivery.  Some suggestions for possible delivery formats are:
  --  Present your information to the class in the form of a newscast      complete with an anchor man/woman,  weather forecast, sports,  special    reports  etc.
  --  Stage a talk show  with a host and a panel of guests who are experts    on your groupís  project assignment.
  --  Write and perform a rap or song about  your groupís research topic.
  --  Stage a game show such as Jeopardy   etc.  to  present your groupís    information.
  --  Come up with your own creative idea.  Get it okayed with Mr. Rispens    first.

Group Assignments
The group research topics are as follows:
 Group 1--  Shakespeare.  Research the facts and myths/legends about one of    the worldís greatest writers.
  3íRD Period- Athena Fisher, Amber Flansaas, Adrienne Lamb
  4íTH Period- Armanda Berry, Cressie Ivers, Nathan Schreder
  5íTH Period- Allison Collyard, Ian Kaddy, Mike Smith
  7íTH Period- Thomas Austin, Meagan Fearon, Elizabeth      Marino, Ryan Wackerlin
Group 2--  Life in London in the Elizabethan period.  Report about everyday    life during Shakespeareís time.  (Sanitation/The Black Plague,  Crime,     Punishment,  Government,  Schooling,  Thames River,  the      Economy/Occupations, and Weddings/Funerals.) 
  3íRD Period- Greg Cummins, Kayla Fleming, Joe Lang
  4íTH Period- Aaron Bilodeau, Chris Jones, Nick Schupp
  5íTH Period- Kristen Cornell, Cassie LaSalle, Shawn Stewart
  7íTH Period- Chad Basso, Carlee Flasnick, Darsey Kynett,     Josh Michelson
Group 3--  Clothes,  Music,  Food,  Dancing,  and Entertainment other than the    theater during the Elizabethan period.
  3írd Period- Tara Boyett, Justine Gregor, Rick Mitchell
  4íTH Period- Casey Erickson, Mike Maupin, Kirsten Vorreyer
  5íTH Period- Bev Covert, Anna Magsig, Allison Sturm,
  7íTH Period- Crystal Blade, Cassandra Hostetler, Abby      Murphy, Austin Watkins
Group 4--  Queen Elizabeth the I.   Research information about her personality
  and reign as queen of England.
  3íRD Period- Josh Schaber, Ashley Hurt, Tracy Nelson
  4íTH Period- Josh Erickson, Troy McArdle, Mishanda Wagner
  5íTH Period- Chase Ford, Beth Mennicucci, Heidi Westerbuhr
  7íTH Period- Bryce Burkholder, Linsey Hull, Arlie Naeher
Group 5--  The Theater  (Acting,  Play Writing, and  The Globe Theater.)
  3íRD Period- Gina Clouse, Joe Ingels, Jessica Schaan,      Cassie Wannebo
  4íTH Period- Kristin Gutowsky, Charlie McLaughlin, Aaron     Spreier
  5íTH Period- Tyler Jones, Justin Moore, Natalia Wilson
  7íTH Period- Amber Carlson, Lance Kenison, Shane Partlow
Group 6--  The source and background of Romeo and Juliet and 14íth     Century Verona, Italy.
  4íTH Period- John Harrington, Nicole Rush, Nick Warner, Britt    Warwick
  5íTH Period- Josh Jungers, Devon Kovall, Jamie Noell, Chase    Redmond
  7íTH Period- Stacy Fisher, Abby Kloker, David Lopez, Matt     Swenson

 Start your search using the web links below.  Please check with me or a librarian before searching the net for additional sites.
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